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The Zoo, which was opened to service in Bursa in 1955 and displayed as shelters lined up side by side in the Culture Park, has been one of the focal points of Culture Park visitors for many years. Culture Park Zoo, which is a small scale in order to meet the changing zoo standards in the world, was designed in a world standard and was moved in 1998 by seeking support from the European Zoological Gardens and Aquariums Union on an area of ​​206,600 m² located next to the Botanical Park in Soğanlı.

Animal welfare is kept at the highest level in the new shelters in Bursa’s modern Zoo, which opened its doors to its visitors with the great interest of the public on November 10, 1998. Bursa Zoo, by providing an environment where visitors can meet their longing for nature and spend different and pleasant time with an urban consciousness; With the trainings and activities carried out with the theme of diagnosis-love-protection, the formation of love of nature and animals, and the development of environmental awareness has taken on duty.

Within the Zoo, there are cafeterias, children’s playgrounds, educational demonstration center (slides, movies, video) and classes where children can get one-to-one education in order to have fun. With its administrative buildings, animal cuisine, animal clinic, rehabilitation center, social facilities and educational units, our water garden cage, lion shelter and African savannah are among the best examples of Europe. In addition, Cumalı Kızık houses, which are located in the children’s zoo section and reflect the Turkish architecture, are also quite remarkable.

Our garden, which became a full member of the European Zoological Gardens and Aquariums Association in September 2011, is accelerating its efforts to increase species diversity and the number of animals, and brings donations from European Zoological Gardens and Aquariums Union member zoos through donations. Leaving more than twenty years behind, Bursa Zoo increases its visitors day by day and welcomes close to 1 million visitors annually.

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