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Uzungol – Long lake

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Uzungol in Trabzon in Turkey’s eastern Black Sea region is a tourist resort Çaykara County. It is 99 km from Trabzon and 71 km from Rize. Trabzon Airport meets the airline transportation to the town. to come by land from Turkey’s inter-city bus terminals are located in every province of Rize and Trabzon or time that you can provide. When you come to any of these cities, you can reach Uzungöl by public transport. Especially in summer, transportation options are increasing with the mobilization of tourism.

The main reasons for this region, which is the center of attention of local and foreign tourists, is that it is a place where the longing for nature and the peace that nature gives to people are felt with the magnificent natural beauty. In addition to this magnificent natural beauty, many activities such as paragliding, angling, and hiking can be among the reasons that make Uzungöl the center of attention. In addition, with the development of tourism in the region, it is available in restaurants serving to offer local flavors to the guests. You should not leave without tasting the trout grown in the clear and cold waters of the region, the corn grown in the region and the famous Trabzon butter, and many other local delicacies in Uzungöl.

In the light of historical documents, the first records of this region, whose oldest name is “Saraho”, belong to 1586. According to the records, the first permanent settlement in the region coincides after 1650’s. Although the region has been subordinated to Of District of Trabzon for many years with the establishment of the Republic, the whole region has been within this district since 1948, when Çaykara was the district.

There is no written document remaining from that period about the nature event of Uzungöl. However, when the geological changes and settlement movements in the region are examined, it is understood that Uzungöl is a deep valley. The fact that Uzungöl became a lake today is thought to have occurred due to the slope of the Garaster plateau flowing down the hill on the east facing Uzungöl as a result of a landslide and covering the front of the Solaklı stream.

Uzungöl has become a region with many riches in terms of its historical texture, culture and geographical features. Located in the Caucasian Ecological Region extending to the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea, which has the most important biodiversity of the world, Uzungöl hosts unique forest, high mountain and river ecosystems.

As a result of scientific investigations, 658 different plant species that are grown in Uzungöl and surrounding areas have been identified. In addition to this, Uzungol, eagle, falcon, hawk, falcon, crazy, rookie raptors and vultures such as day of, they moved out in Turkey, located on the northeast-south migration route. Apart from the magnificent migration journeys of daytime predators that can be observed by everyone, many bird species also migrate using this route. Among them are cranes and wild geese who migrate at night and enchant people with their crows while flying.

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